Health Information Act

The Health Information Act (HIA) was passed by the Alberta Legislature in 1999 and came into effect on April 25, 2001. 

The HIA provides individuals with the right to request access to health records in the custody or under the control of custodians, while providing custodians with a framework within which they must conduct the collection, use and disclosure of health information. Custodians are defined in section 1(1)(f) of the HIA and include:

  • The Minister and Department of Alberta Health and Wellness;
  • A health service provider designated as a custodian under theHealth Information Amendment Regulation;
  • Pharmacies
  • Regional Health Authorities and provincial health boards (Alberta Health Services, Covenant Health and Health Quality Council of Alberta); and
  • Nursing home operators.

In addition to regulating information access, collection, use and disclosure practices of custodians, the HIA also covers the actions of affiliates. Affiliates include employees, volunteers, contractors and agencies under contract to the custodian. Some examples of affiliates can include reception and nursing staff at a doctors’ office, pharmacy technicians or information desk and food service workers in a hospital. 

Ultimately, custodians are responsible for the information collected, used and disclosed by their affiliates.


(taken from OIPC website:

May 2014